Common Plumbing Problem Solving: Can you fix yourself?

Plumbers Portsmouth UK provide this insight into the biggest problem of them all….. Unblocking Drains

Every household has experienced the dilemma of the water not disappearing down the sink quick enough or the toilet just filling up when you flush it. The most common call out we get on a daily basis is a blocked drain. Use this simple guide below to find out how we go about unblocking a drain and use our professional plumbing tips.

  1. Find a nice plunger, you can buy these nice and cheap on amazon click here for suitable purchase     If you haven’t got one a long haired mop will do a job
  2. Flush your chain and as you are seeing the water coming through push the plunger up and down.
  3. When the toilet has had some time to refill, just repeat the process again. This will often overcome the problem straight away and you will be singing and dancing because you have unblocked the drain.
  4. If however your toilet has a very high waterline then you are still blocked
  5. Go outside and locate your manhole cover
  6. Pull up the cover and if there is a high level of water use drain rods with a plunger on the end and push down into the water
  7. You need to locate the drain off pipe at the bottom of the man hole and push and plunge the drain rod in and out until the water starts disappearing
  8. After a bit of effort you should see the water disappearing down the and this will solve your plumbing problem