Plumbing in a gas fireplace: Recent Accident Warns Us All

Plumbing in a Fireplaces Exeter specialist gas fireplace is a tricky task. You need to be a registered gas engineer. Our experts at yourway Fireplaces have the team and the answer to an issue you can not sort out yourself.

There was a disturbing piece in the news not very long ago about a company who were out fitting gas fires and did not haver the necessary accreditations. In the end there was a leak and the excess gas caused an explosion when the owner came back in from walking a dog. The dog was completely obliterated and the man lost his left leg in a tragic and brutal accident. This is why we will always say to people that you need us to come and fix your gas appliances.

Its OK trying to repair a blocked drain or a leaking tap but when it comes to anything with gas involved then you need to call in the experts.

Let this story be a lesson to you all.